Full Reference Of Algeria Transit Lines .

Never Get Lost , With Shyma Itinerary Planner .

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SHYMA App always got your back. Cross Country

We got all Oran covered now and moving to cover all the west and center .

Ask For Line ItineraryJust within few touches .

The app gives you quck and simple access to all lines stops , drawen on map.

Get SuggestionsWhene traveling in the country/town/city .

Open the itinerary suggestor and have fun , set your position and destination and enjoy the ride.

Fast EnoughDon't waste a moment not even a second.

Asking for a line info or an itinerary will return the answr on the fly .

Cross Languages Simplifying access.

The app comes in the major languages English and Arabic , so pick up your flavor and the service is yours .

We hear youa very responsive support team is on the go.

When having an issue with the app just use the reporting section , set your phone number and we'll take care of the call.

Free ... And Ads FreeIt feels good huummmm

the non distractive ads concept and our care for the user experience resulted in this magnificent app , don't pay a cent and don't pay much attention , and don't pay much time just focus on the path ...

How does it Work

Simply , It Works. So maybe we should stay that way.

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Know what it is. Just in case.

Simply, words can't describe all what the app does .

  • Instant App Access
  • App Store Verified
  • No User Authetification Required
  • Free And For Free
  • Full Time Supported
  • Lightweighted App ( ^ 10Mbs)
  • Install, Update, Remove Anytime
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